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5 top Hottest new wedding trends in 2012, in Vancouver

5 top Hottest  new wedding trends in 2012, in Vancouver

The new wedding dress trends in 2012 are full of wearable pieces that center on more romantic details, flattering styles and more vivid colours, textures and volume. Wedding fashion styles are always evolving in Vancouver- a city that has been adjudged as one of the most livable cities in the world. Vancouver brides are classy in every way, so also are the city’s bridal designers. Whether you are searching for a classy ball gown, or modern wedding dresses, one thing you cannot but notice is that Vancouver wedding gowns are becoming more flattering and romantic in styles.

The two-tiered skirts

Many had thought that the three-dimensional florals that stole the show in 2011 will continue to steal the show in 2012, that is however not the case. Even though the two and three dimensional florals are stealing in vogue, but in 2012, the two-tiered skirts are back on trend. One thing you cannot take away from the two-tiered skirts is that it gives the wearer a super-flattering style which helps her camouflage her wider hips. If you want to emphasize your hips and show them off to whoever cares, this is a piece if fashion wear you must get.

Illusion necklines

New trends in 2012 are also characterized by lots of romantic and scintillating styles for the neckline coverage. The illusion style neckline coverage is one of the best fashion styles of 2012 in Vancouver, this neckline design gives you a coverage with an embellish layer of fabric that appears to be very delicate but provide veils which covers the skin that would otherwise be exposed. Illusion necklines simply give your neckline some sort of stylish exposure. You will definitely want to try it out.

Blush and Pink shades
Few seasons ago, Vancouver’s bridal runway shows were characterized with subtle pops of colours, many do see such pops of subtle colours as “Quirky” but in 2012, some modifications had been made and what is more prominent on bridal runways now are blush and pink shades and it looks like these fascinating shades will stay for many years to come.

The Horsehair trim

The horsehair trim has been another fascinating fashion trend in Vancouver this year, this trend actually started in 2011 when bridal designers decided to turn dresses inside out. The process of turning dresses inside out has resulted in the exposure of underlay fabrications that now creates more volume and dimension. The modern textural element created by Horsehair trim designs is unique in every way.

Lace Sleeves

Lace sleeves are some of the hottest fashion trends in Vancouver in 2012. Several designers of these fashion pieces were inspired by Kate Middleton- the Duchess of Cambridge and wife of Prince William. Kate Middleton had made the lace sleeves a huge trend in 2012 after she wore the designs on her wedding day in 2011. Lace sleeves have become a big trend in Vancouver this year with fashion designers trying to meet up with their demands.


It’s not a cake, it’s a cupcake. They are hip, they are customized, and they are elegant.  We are seeing more and more new weds going for cupcakes and not a cake.

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