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Things you must remember to do while choosing your wedding favour

Things  you must remember to do while choosing your wedding favour

  There are some important things you must keep in mind when showing a token of your appreciation to your guests through your wedding favour items. These include among several other things the following;

Always choose practical gift or wedding favour items

Always choose a gift that is edible or have practical value to ensure that your wedding favours serve their purposes. Mini pies, and cake pops are good edible favours, while martini shakers, luggage tags, and stem-less wineglasses are good examples of practical items.

Always make your wedding favours meaningful

Your wedding favours must share what you love with your guests; such favour items must express your personalities. Golf balls and Golf t-shirts for instance shows your passion for the game, while Asian cookies for instance shows your heritage.

Be careful when personalizing wedding favours

Do not over-customize and turn a wonderful wedding favour into something that will be rejected by your guests, always think of whether your guests will still use your wedding favours in the future, they wouldn’t want a wedding favour that will still have your excessive personalized names and photos.

Always add a liner to edible favours

If you are giving your guests edible wedding favours, then you need to arrange for special packaging to extend the shelve lives of such items. You need to keep in mind that packaging materials such as paper bags can easily absorb grease from popcorn and cookies and that can lead to messy favour boxes. Always use wax papers to line the inside of containers for edible favours to prevent grease and oil from leaking through, this will also help prevent your favour boxes from getting ruined.

Always try a wedding favour item before buying it

You don’t have to order for huge quantities of wedding favours at a time, always buy a sample first before you are hundreds to your shopping cart- this is very essential especially when you are buying wedding favour items online. You need to ensure that edible wedding favours taste good and they appear the same way they are displayed on your computer screen. Check out for vendors or sellers that supply wedding favour items samples for free that will save your additional money. If you are buying personalized items such as favour tags or packaging items , then you need to see a proof that inscriptions on personalized items are spelt correctly , the wedding date are written correctly and packaging materials meet your standards.

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